The Scoop on Pickleball

On Thursday, GRF President Tom Sirkel announced a new vision and direction for residents who enjoy court sport play. This all began when the GRF Board listened to residents and corporate members in December, and voted to rescind the contract with the contractor for construction of six pickleball courts at less than $500,000 at Gate 16. The Board sent staff back to look at options including a much larger court facility.

This new vision and direction entails:

  • A preliminary proposal by Staff to provide more courts for both Pickleball and Paddle Tennis players with a saving to the tune of $1,000,000.
  • This "maintenance of effort" approach includes redeveloping the existing four paddle tennis courts, and constructing seven new pickleball courts in the same footprint.
  • The work involves constructing a post tension slab on top of the existing slab, which would include an extended warranty subject to ongoing court maintenance.

Staff is also developing preliminary estimates for construction of two new Paddle Tennis courts just north of the existing tennis courts. This new direction for court sports all needs to be developed by staff and taken to the Community Activities, Maintenance and Construction, and Finance Committees of GRF prior to being agendized before the GRF Board.

For golfers, all of this will lead to some much needed maintenance around the driving range to accommodate the needs of golfers. Watch the full interview below.