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Our residents share their talents in Force of Nature II artist exhibition

Kudos to Larry Cunningham and Leigh Adams for making it possible for 10 talented Laguna Woods Village residents to share their artistic talents with the world in the “Force of Nature II” artist exhibition held December 1-10 at the LA Arboretum in Arcadia.

The exhibit was essentially born out of wood dropped in a 2011 storm that caused a significant number of trees in the arboretum to fall. Rather than toss out the wood, it was made available for artists to use.

This event was the second time for sculptors, carvers and furniture makers from around the state to use the wood from the gardens and show their creativity and skills.

Part of the proceeds are benefiting the Arboretum’s tree replacement fund. During the 10-day show, the garden auctioned off and sold pieces worth $100.000. This was a huge success for the artists and arboretum.

The special Laguna Woods residents who lent their creativity and talents are:
•         John Andershonis
•         Larry Cunningham
•         Judy Cunningham
•         Joe Pena
•         Sandu Pomerantz
•         Dan Riter
•         Loyd Walter
•         Dick Whitehead
•         Michael Tator
•         Kenneth Frey
See this wonderful exhibit here.


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