What's Up In The Village

Disaster Preparedness is key

Security Chief Tim Moy was feted by the American Red Cross this month with “Excellence in Disaster Preparedness” award. 

The award, which was presented at the 33rd Annual Disaster Preparedness Academy, recognizes companies and organizations with superior emergency preparedness plans that serve as a model for other organizations. 
Laguna Woods Village was recognized for a plan that not only met the same standards as any other municipality in content and detail but went beyond the traditional emergency plan to include detailed storm event plans; resource inventories; photos and locations of emergency supplies; description and directions for each radio to expedite communications; windshield survey procedures; social services planning; and evacuation planning.

Local partners such as the Orange County Fire Authority, Orange County Sheriff’s Department, American Red Cross, City of Laguna Woods, local water district and Southern California Edison participated in the plan preparation to ensure every issue and detail was addressed.
You can join this award-winning team by volunteering to be a Good Neighbor Building/Block Captain. It’s a great way to stay involved, meet new people and contribute to a friendly and safe community. In the event of an emergency, our Captains check on their neighbors and report any injuries to the VMS management team. The role is that simple!  

We’ll provide you with the training, report forms and Captain attire. Join Chief Tim Moy at the next Captain training from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on October 3 at Clubhouse 7.  Meet new friends while getting prepared.

Don't end up in cold water! 

In United, Mutual-owned water heaters are replaced on an 11-year cycle. This program is funded by the Mutual. Staff is working to reduce the backlog created by plumbing code requirements. If your water heater is on the list for replacement, staff will contact you to schedule a pre-inspection before replacing it. If you have issues or concerns regarding your water heater, contact Resident Services at 949-597-4600.

In Third, members are responsible for the maintenance and replacement of their water heater. This means the water heater can be replaced by Staff or by an outside contractor.  All costs associated with repair and/or replacement is the responsibility of the member. All current plumbing codes must be followed, and you must obtain a permit from the City of Laguna Woods. The plumbing code requires all water heaters to drain to the outside. In cases where this is not possible, the City of Laguna Woods has permitted the use of an alternate ("Watts") device installed, which allows the water heaters in the Manor to meet code requirements.

Water District's Recycled Water Distribution System Project 

The project is underway in the Gate 9 area. Over the next two weeks, crews will survey and mark underground utilities. The project will serve recycled water for irrigation to Third Laguna Hills Mutual inside Gate 9 and United Laguna Woods Mutual inside Gates 5 and 6. Construction crews will begin potholing in these areas at the beginning of October with full construction kicking off at the end of October or beginning of November. The project will continue through June 2018. Construction will include digging trenches, installing pipelines, back-filling trenches and paving, which is necessary to expand the recycled water distribution system. The El Toro Water District is committed to keeping residents informed with general construction alerts that are mailed to residents on a regular basis. Stay tuned for updates. 

Things to Know

Don't Get a Shocking Fine: Did you know that electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles can charge in the Village? Vehicle owners must obtain a decal from Resident Services for a prorated annual cost of $240 before charging. If you are caught charging in your carport without a decal, you will be subject to a $240 fine. So get your decal today! Call Resident Services at 949-597-4600 for more information.
Don't be Alarmed: Residents in Laguna Woods Village and throughout Orange County experienced a sudden interruption in television programming on September 21 which included a message predicting the end of the world. Cox and Spectrum cable are investigating who sent out the alert and whether it was done accidentally or on purpose. It was unclear where the audio came from. Read more at the ocregister.com.

Upcoming Village Board and Committee Meetings 

On tap the week of September 25, Third and United Mutual hold their elections, the Disaster Preparedness Task Force meets, Mutual 50 hosts a special open budget meeting and more. Click here to download full agenda packets of Board and Committee meetings and view all upcoming meetings.