Performing Arts Center Renovation Ad Hoc Committee Updates

Photo by Mark Rabinowitch

continues in GRF’s efforts to provide residents with opportunities to comment on renovations at the Performing Arts Center (PAC) that will benefit the Village as a whole.

Earlier this year, the GRF Board of Directors formed a Performing Arts Center (PAC) Renovation Ad Hoc Committee per bylaws to provide feedback for potential renovations to the Performing Arts Center, formerly called Clubhouse 3. In the spring, Irvine-based SVA Architects assessed the building’s structural integrity, design and safety concerns and condensed the center’s needs into four categories.  Those include Immediate ADA, Fire, Life and Safety; Immediate Building Deficiencies; Augmentation Program (additional amenities); and The User Group Wish/Dream List. 

The first two categories for immediate building upgrades were estimated at roughly $1.4 million. GRF already budgeted $1.7 million, so necessary safety upgrades will begin soon.

In July, SVA and Staff engaged residents by hosting three daylong User Group Workshops that attracted 26 regular user groups. The information and feedback garnered from those workshops will be integrated into a feasible conceptual design plan that will be presented to the Committee by the end of 2017. 

Since this phase of the project will take about a year, the Augmentation (additional amenities) part of the upgrade will be addressed during the 2019 Budget Planning starting in May of 2018.

This allows more time for additional input from residents.

You can provide input and stay informed by attending the Performing Arts Center PAC Ad Hoc committee and/or GRF M&C Committee meetings.  For more information, contact Judith Troutman, GRF M&C Committee and PAC Ad Hoc Chair, at 949-326-8877.