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Volleyball Club

2020 Volleyball Board

We have a new volleyball board! The 3 people who volunteered to be board members are

  • Kevin Twombly
  • Dan Florez
  • Mark Greenman

They will meet to decide amongst themselves who will be president.

Last year was the first year in which we operated under the new club by-laws, which call for an annual election of board members. Since we have only 3 volunteers this year, a formal election is unnecessary. But it is nice to see we have 3 new faces on the board.

I want to thank Ron and Jim who served with me on the board this past year. Ron has served on the board quite a few years. He, along with Marion Andersen and I, drafted the new by-laws in 2018. Ron was an invaluable member of the board this year, playing a signifcant role in helping our club move from the old days with an appointed board to the new concept of annual elections.

I also want to thank Audrey who sends out most of the reminders each week for the intermediate volleyball sessions and who said she would be on the board if we did not get 3 volunteers.

Ron, Jim and I wish the new board the best!