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BOOK CLUBS - Starting in 2018, 4 VILLAGE LIBRARY Book Club Choices.....MORE

There are now 4 different nights every month when the VILLAGE LIBRARY'S book clubs meet. This now provides 4 choices for you to fit a book club into your schedule during 2018: 1st Wednesday, 2nd Monday, 2nd Tuesday and 3rd Tuesday.

Members of each book club nominate and vote for their club's annual reading selection. The book clubs have selected their reading list for 2018, which are now available as a printed brochure at the library's front desk. The brochure is now also available to download and print from this webspace. Just click on the brochure title showing under the dark purple "DOCUMENTS" heading. Also, there are individual club book listings under the "Photos" heading of this webspace for you to view or to copy-paste-print. 

Any resident is welcome to attend any of the VILLAGE LIBRARY BOOK CLUB meetings. Even if you have not had a chance to read the book, you might enjoy hearing what the book club members have to say about reading it. Most of our meetings include some good laughs and It can be amazing how others can interrupt the same story you just read!