Ceramic Slip Casters Club

March General Meeting 3/22 in studio @9:30AM


1.    President's Welcome, Report & Updates - Gul Bhada
2.    Secretary - Approval of Board & General Membership Minutes : 
        a.    January: General Membership Meeting Minutes             
        b.     February: Executive Board Meeting Minutes-- No meeting.     
3.    Treasurer's Report - Lynn Shahnazi
4.    1st. Vice President's Report - Caryn Glasky
        a.    Club Membership
        b.    Molds
        c.    Beginners' Class
5.    2nd. Vice President's Report on Committees - Cheron Rhodes
        a.    Demos / Workshops
        b.    Display Windows
        c.    Purchasing / Inventory
        d.    Room
        e.    Scrapbook
        f.    Website
6.    Head Supervisor's Report - Laura Mistry
7.    Old Business
8.    New Business
9.    Raffle Prizes
Supervisors' Meeting
EmojiEmojiLooking forward to seeing you at the meeting.Emoji
Thank you & regards!
Gul Bhada