Ceramic Slip Casters Club

The Ceramic Slipcasting studio is a fun place where you can learn a slightly different art of making and decorating Ceramics.  We use molds to create beautiful and unique pieces. 

The club is open to all Laguna Woods Village residents.  Club membership fees are $15.00 per year, for which you can take advantage of the many benefits like using our "Special" X-Molds, creative and hands-on workshops, our summer, and winter (new introduction this year!) celebrations, participation thru the club in the Village Bonanza, Renaissance Faire and much more! 

You are welcome to visit the studio Monday -Friday (9:00AM - 4:00 PM), and Saturday - Sunday from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm.

Also check out our display window outside our studio.

We highly recommend our Beginners’ Slipcasting classes for new members conducted by Caryn Glasky on Tuesday 11:00AM – 4:00PM.  Please email her ASAP at glaskycaryn@gmail.com if you would like to join the class in summer, she will be happy to respond with further details.  

Caryn is also our club's Membership Manager and will be happy to assist you in joining as a Club member!!

Emeritus fall classes are conducted in the studio from August-21-2023:

Monday - 9:00AM – 11:50AM     Beginning Technique of Ceramic-Slipcasting

Wednesday - 9:00AM – 11:50AM    Art of Ceramic Decorating

Wednesday - 1:00PM – 3:50PM    Advanced Ceramic-Slipcasting

Thursday - 9:00AM – 11:50AM   Intermediate Ceramic-Slipcasting

Contact Us

Gulshan Bhada,  club president, can be reached at  gbhada@yahoo.com

or phone number 310-941-6105.  

  • For Clubhouse 4 schedule click here.

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