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Oasis For Free Thinkers

About the Oasis For Free Thinkers Club For Village Residents and Guests Only

Mission Statement

The mission of the Club is to provide a forum for people to socially engage with others whose life experiences led them to a belief in themselves and the natural world.

The goal of the club is to promote engagement within our community for all belief systems and to encourage open exchange of ideas. Members of the Club are avowed humanitarians and endeavor to improve the world surrounding them. The club encourages volunteerism and help to those in need. 

Message From Acting President

About Notice to Members and Potential Members Continuation of the Club

Information for Oasis For Free Thinkers Events

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Bruce Harder's "Voices In the Village" interview with Sunshine -- August, 2015 

Sunday Breakfast Requirements -- Open letter from president


About Oasis For Free Thinkers Schedule of Events

The About Oasis For Free Thinkers detail provides the schedule of events for the club.