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Golden Girl Dance Group

GoldenGirlDanceTroupe 2017

Dedicated to LW Readents at Summer 2017

GoldenGirlDanceTroupe 2017
Dedicated to Laguna Woods Resadents at Summer 2017

Golden-girl Dance Troupe will present our 4th annual performance for our Laguna Woods community.  We are happy to present our very entertaining performances by Dancers, Singers, Magician, and Shaolin Gongfu  performers.   


              Performance Art Center-Club House 3                                     Saturday, July 29 at 2 p.m.


   Saturday, July 29 at 7 p.m.   

$10 $15 $20 


 Ticket on sale start May 1st  at the Performing Arts Center box office.  Call 949-597-4288 for more info.

Address: 23822 Avenida Sevilla 

Laguna Woods CA 92637



Red Lantern

     Red Lantern

Chinese Action Movie Star ShaoLin Gongfu Gongfu ( HolloWood Action Movie Star: Bruce Wen)

Thousand- hand Bodhisattva Dance
Thousand- hand Bodhisattva Dance
Thousand- hand Bodhisattva Dance

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Golden Girl Dance Group Inderpendent Day Celebration

club house three performances



Golden Girl Dance Group Three Big Events Performance 


Friends:  Last year 's Moon Festival dance show garnered enthusiastic audience requests for a next time. We are please to announce that the next Asian dance show has been scheduled.  The program includes Chinese classical , temple, and modern dances as well as songs performed solo, as duets, or by a chorus.  Among the performers are the winner of the Chinese National Peking Opera Actor award, a winner in the 11th World Belly Dancing Competition from China, and Southern California's 2004 belly dancing winner of the Dance of the Universe and People’s Choice Award.


Time :        July 18 : 7:00 PM

                  July  19: 2:00 PM

                   July 19:  7:00 PM

Location : LagunaWood ClubHouse 3 Main Auditorium

23822 Avenida Sevilla  

Laguna Woods CA

Box Office: (949) 597-4287

Ticket: $12. $10


    We invite you to enjoy the richness of the cultural diversity in Laguna Woods Village.  We look forward to entertaining you. A substantial part of the net proceeds will benefit the Foundation for Laguna Woods.


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