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Archery Club

Spotlight on Archery Club

Bifocals for Channel 6

Click on the picture above to see the Special BIFOCALS show, from Channel 6 and L&L Magazine. This will take you to PART ONE of the show, on our YouTube Channel. When part one finishes, you can select Part Two while there, or return here at a later time and click the link (Picture) below.


Above is the link to Part Two of SPOTLIGHT ON ARCHERY show that was aired on Channel 6 on the BIFOCALS show, created for L&L Magazine. To see more BIFOCALS adventures, or to read full Bifocal Reviews or many other great articles, CLICK HERE to go to L&L Magazine.

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Village Games Calls on Archery Club

Archery for Everyone


Archery Club On Target



The Laguna Woods Archery Club meets the second Tuesday of every month at 3:30pm in Clubhouse 1, Dining Room 3.  The next meeting will be April 8.  In addition we have planned archery classes, practices and competitions which will be scheduled periodically. All are welcome, beginners and experienced archers as well as the curious!


With an eye on preparation for the upcoming Village Games, The Club held its first practice outing on Friday, March 14, at Orange County Archery’s indoor range (Fountain Valley at 18792 Brookhurst St.). This practice was attended by about 10 of the Club’s founders, and Event Committee organizers.  The picture show’s Bliss Hill proudly displaying her bullseye.  Additional practice events and introduction lessons for beginners are being scheduled as we gear up for the April 27 Village Game Archery Event. Please watch for dates and times in next weeks’ Globe Club news.


In order to have an archery range here in Laguna Woods, a conditional use process is required and the City is now reviewing language that would amend the current ordinance, to allow a permit to be requested. The Safety and the Environment Committees both reviewed the staff drafted language the week of March 10 and recommended to the City Council that they adopt it. The City Council will consider the allowance of archery under specific safety and restricted range conditions at its March 26th meeting. All are welcome to attend and support for this is appreciated.


If you have questions, or interest in archery as a fun and practical form of exercise, please call Gordon Richiusa, President, 949-295-5480, or Rod Stroope, event coordinator, 949-275-0841.


In Pursuit of Archery Home

Sample of Archery Range Agreement

Laguna Woods Village Archery Range Rules




Please Read and Have a Signed Agreement on file, before shooting any arrows.


1.This range and these targets are intended for non-mechanical bows and field/target arrows ONLY. NO CROSSBOWS. Lower power compound bows may be used with prior approval of range manager.


3. SCHEDULED CLASSES or Laguna Woods Club meetings/Events have priority for use of this range.

4. Never place an arrow into your bow if ANYONE is beyond the shooting line.

5. All shooting will take place BEHIND THE SHOOTING LINE. If you need to shoot at a closer target, have the marshal, teacher, range manager, or designated attendant move it for you.

5. Arrows are shot in ROUNDS. (Number of arrows in a round is usually 3, but can change depending upon number of archers and the directions of the marshal/range manager).

6. All archers shoot at the same time and retrieve arrows ONLY WHEN IT IS SAFE. The marshal or any archer on the line will call “CLEAR” before any shots are fired. Each archer should respond “CLEAR” to indicate they are ready to draw their bow. If there is any reason why arrows should NOT be fired, it is each person’s responsibility to should loudly “HOLD!”

7. Before retrieving arrows (after each round) the marshal or range manager will call again, “CLEAR” to indicate that each archer should stop firing. When it is safe, all archers retrieve arrows at the same time.

8. If you drop an arrow and it crosses the line while shooting is taking place, you may retrieve it ONLY when you hear ALL CLEAR.

10. Always draw your bow with the arrow facing DOWN or directly toward the target. NEVER DRAW OVERHEAD, or toward another archer, to prevent accidently releasing an arrow in any direction other than toward the target.

11. If you are unable to abide by these rules, DO NOT use this facility.


Signed:______________________________________________ Dated:______________

About Archery

 Laguna Woods Archery Club is being organized to bring archery to the residents of Laguna Woods Village, in a safe and fun manner. We are actively involved in obtaining the appropriate permits to bring the fun and healthful sport of competitive archery to Laguna Woods.

When we are in place, all residents will be able to learn the safe, healthful and fun sport of archery from experienced and qualified teachers. 

The photo to the left is of the president of the club, Gordon Richiusa, who has taught archery (and many other forms of martial arts) for many decades. He is a member of three martial arts Halls of Fame, and a teacher at Saddleback Community College.

If you click on the picture to the left, you can watch an interesting video that one of his students created about the Budo Temple in Japan, where archery is considered a meditation. 

Soon, more videos and links will be appearing in this area, including safety and training video issued by organizations such as USA Archery Association. We (in Laguna Woods Archery) currently have more than 50 Laguna Woods Village residents signed up as active members of our club. 

Our officers are members of USA Archery (the certifying body for competitive archery instructors, as well as competitive events, such as the Senior Olympics). 

You can join THE LAGUNA WOODS ARCHERY CLUB NOW, and be ready to shoot arrows, once we have everything in place. If you click the blue email link below. In your email please Include your contact information and we will get back to you in whatever manner you wish. 

Thanks for your interest in the Laguna Woods Archery Club!


The Officers of the Club,

Rod, Bob, and Gordon


The information, opinions and all other content on Club webpages are solely the responsibility of the particular Club. Neither GRF nor the managing agent is responsible for the accuracy or content of information on Club webpages, and all responsibility therefore is hereby denied.

All statements, actions and failures to act by any Club or Club member shall be the sole responsibility of that Club and its members. GRF does not endorse, approve or authorize such conduct, and expressly disclaims all responsibility and liability therefore, without exception.

Unless otherwise stated, all meetings, events and amenities are for the use of Laguna Woods Village residents and their authorized guests only.