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Friends of Laguna Canyon Foundation

Who Are Friends of LCF?

History of Laguna Canyon Foundation


More than a thousand residents of Laguna Woods Village made donations to purchase the land and create the 6,800-acre  Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, saving one of the last California coastal canyons and stopping the development of a huge Irvine Company housing development that would have had a disastrous impact on the survival of our 18,000-member retirement community.
All  residents who made a tax deductible donation to Laguna Canyon Foundation are members of Friends of LCF. We have no dues and no regular meetings. We support the efforts of LCF to preserve, protect, enhance and promote the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park and the James and Rosemary Nix Nature Center directly adjoining out western border.
Among Laguna Woods Village residents who are major donors to
LCF are Jim and Rosemary Nix whose $500,000 gift made the $3 million Nix Nature Center possible.  Other major donors are Tom and Norma Collins, Betty Fleming, Bette and Bob Ring, and most recently, Dr. David Rabinov and his wife Joyce with an unrestricted donation of $150,000.
Our membership of surviving donors is 502. I am president. Jim Nix is first vice president. Dr. David Rabinov is second vice president.
Mrs. Genevieve Regas is secretary and Irma Franklin is treasurer.
To learn more about Laguna Canyon Foundation and its many activities and opportunities to bring the wonders of the wilderness to inner city schools and recruit and train park volunteers, please go to the foundation website at



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