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April 24-27, Thursday-Sunday

May 3, Saturday 10-11 am

Eat Your Patio!
Small yards and patios can produce an abundance of edibles. From hanging strawberry baskets to vertical salad stacks, small space edible gardening is attractive and fun.

May 27, Tues  Noon Luncheon    Clubhouse 7 

 Sandwiches catered by Jolanda & potluck

 Speaker: Teena Swindler, OC Master Gardeners, Tomatoes & Warm Season Veggies

June 24, Tues  1:00    Clubhouse 7 

Ice Cream Social

Topic & Speaker TBA

July 17 (?) Produce Collection

Aug 14 (?) Produce Collection

Sept 23, Tues   1:00    Clubhouse 7 

Garden Produce Potluck Feast

Topic & Speaker TBA

Oct 28, Tues   Noon Harvest Fest   Clubhouse 7

Luncheon: Veal Bratwurst by Yolanda

Topic & Speaker TBA

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