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Traffic Policies

If a resident receives a Notice of Violation (NOV) for a traffic infraction, what recourse does that resident have to contest the NOV?

What is the current schedule for Traffic Hearings, and can the scheduled Traffic Hearings be modified to accommodate those who work?

What policies govern the assignment of carport spaces?

How is it determined that vehicles are traveling faster than the speed limit?

What can be done to prevent people from parking in certain areas within the cul-de-sacs?

What procedures are followed regarding an abandoned vehicle in Unassigned Parking within the Community?

What can be done regarding vehicles, including delivery trucks, which travel through the Community at very high speeds?

What are the traffic policies for the Community?

Is use of skateboards and two-wheeled scooters allowed in the Community?

Is there anywhere within the Community where a resident is prohibited from riding a bike?