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Community Access

Non-Resident Gate Access for Clubhouses

What are the procedures to follow to clear guests through Community gates?

Residents may place a copy of their manor key on file at the Community Center for the resident’s use in case the resident loses their key. Is that key available for staff to use, and if so, under what conditions?

My guest passes are about to expire. Will I get a new application in the mail?

Why can’t vehicle decals be installed on rainy days?

Why does Staff have to check with a resident when the resident’s caregiver is renewing her pass?

Please advise regarding the access rights that delivery vehicles and other services have into the Community.

How is the directory information for a Garden Villa style building updated?

What are the policies dealing with the issuance of guest passes for entry into Laguna Woods Village?

What are the policies regarding issuance of vehicle decals within Laguna Woods Village?

Can a non-resident drive a resident’s car into and out of the Community if the car has a Laguna Woods Village decal?