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Pruning, Weeding, and Shrub Bed Maintenance

Why do GRF facilities, such as clubhouses and gates, get better/more service than the individual manors?

Why aren't the same colorful flowers/plants (annuals) used at the clubhouses and gates planted at the manors?

When replacing plants, why aren't larger plants used?

What are the shrub & tree replacement standards?

How can residents obtain mulch for personal use?

Why is compost added to the top of the soil as mulch (ground covering) instead of working it into the soil?

How frequently is mulch applied to the shrub beds?

When the grounds crew performs the routine service, why do they not turn the soil?

How are all of the brush/cuttings generated during routine maintenance disposed of?

Shrubbery is being pruned differently now than in years past; it used to be frequently sheared and shaped. Why the change?

How frequently does the grounds crew perform the routine maintenance services such as pruning and weeding?
Routine grounds maintenance services are performed a minimum of three times per year, roughly every four months (variable depending on weather and growing conditions).