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Insurance, Liability & Property Damage

Is there earthquake insurance in the Community? Do I need to buy any and, if so, what kind?

Who is responsible for repair costs if there is damage to a manor?

What should I do if I find water damage in my manor? Who pays for the damage?

How do I arrange for repairs to my manor when there is damage? What if there is a fire, earthquake or flood?

Does the Mutual or GRF pay for damaged personal property when a pipe breaks?

Who needs insurance for their manor? My real estate agent said that the Mutual has insurance and my lender doesn’t require me to carry insurance.

When there is damage to a manor and it cannot be occupied, who is responsible for arranging other accommodations?

What insurance does the Community have to protect owners from lawsuits when someone falls in the common area? Could I ever be held responsible for damages?

Can I charge the Mutual for expenses for temporary relocation during repair and maintenance of areas within the responsibility of the Mutual? For example, will the Mutual pay my expenses to live elsewhere while the Mutual repairs my elevator or lift?

What is considered a "pre-existing condition" in the context of maintenance expense chargies and who establishes whether a condition is pre-existing or not? Is the member's agreement necessary to establish a pre-existing condition?