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Bus Services

Welcome to the Easy Rider Bus System

Dear Residents:

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Village’s wonderful fixed-route bus transportation system, The Easy Rider, and your bus reservation system, Plan-A-Ride!

We continually strive to modernize and improve our bus system to provide you with first class, reliable, and efficient transportation that still gives you the mobility you have come to expect.

With over 80 local destinations at your fingertips, The Easy Rider makes it easy to remain active and involved in your community.

We’re happy to provide you with basic information about our buses, as well as many other transportation options through our transportation partners who provide service in the Village.

The Easy Rider provides clean and safe buses, easy to understand schedules, friendly drivers, and all the staff support you need to make your trips easy and pleasurable.

We invite you to reach out to us and discover how we can get you there!

You may contact our Transportation Department:

by phone: (949) 597-4659
by e-mail:
in person: Community Center

Begin your new adventure on The Easy Rider. We aim to exceed your expectations.

Bruce Hartley
General Services Director

Get to Know the Easy Rider

Click here to download the Easy Rider Bus Guide!

How to Ride the Easy Rider Bus System

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For Transportation purposes, the Village is divided into four neighborhoods. Your first step in taking a trip on one of our buses is to determine which neighborhood you live in, or which neighborhood you are starting to travel from - check our Neighborhood Map above. Below is information showing which security gates serve each neighborhood, and which cul-de-sacs are located in each neighborhood. If you know which Gate you usually enter the Village by, or you know your culde-sac (or a nearby one), you can figure out your neighborhood this way. If you are still unsure, call our Easy Rider Hotline.

The second step is to determine where your destination lies. All of our destinations outside our gates are divided into two groups - the West Side Group and the East Side Group - check our Business Directory or our Restaurant Directory to find out which area your destination lies in - East or West.

Now, it’s easy. All of our Bus Routes are labeled with a number (for the Neighborhood) and a letter (for the Commercial Area). For example, if you live in Neighborhood Three, and you are traveling to the Community Center, which you can find in the West Side Group, you will take the 3-W or 3-West bus. That bus passes near your manor once every hour from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Check our schedule for the 3-West Bus to find out exactly when it passes your manor and when it arrives at the Community Center! Not quite sure? Call our Easy Rider at (949) 597-4659!

Neighborhood One Routes

Neighborhood Two Routes

Neighborhood Three Routes

Neighborhood Four Routes

Great Restaurants on the Village Bus Routes

There are many dining choices available to Village residents along the Village bus routes. A wide variety of coffee and dining pleasures can be found within the boundaries of the Laguna Woods Village Bus Service.

Keep reading for a list of coffee, fast food and full-service dining options available to bus riders!


Local Businesses on the Easy Rider

Shopping, services, and medical care are just a quick trip away on the Easy Rider! Keep reading for a listing of many local businesses you can visit by riding a Village bus.

2016/2017 Holiday Bus Schedule

Click "More" to view the 2016/2017 Holiday Bus Schedule.

Bus Rider Rules & Regulations
As a courtesy to fellow bus users, and to maintain effective safety standards, bus users are encouraged to follow the Bus Rider Rules & Regulations.   For the PDF version of Bus Rider Rules & Regulations click here or click arrows for the complete summary. 


For making a connection with Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) click here for their route schedule.

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