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Video Club

Welcome to The Video Club Webpage

"Creating and Preserving Memories"

The Video Club of Laguna Woods was founded in 1989 and now has nearly 200 members interested in making and enjoying videos. We occupy two large rooms between Clubhouse 2 and the pool. Our activities include classes, coaching, video projects, lecture and video programs, contests, and our Annual Awards Banquet.

The Video Lab is equipped with PC and Mac computers and a large display TV and is used for classes, coaching, video editing, monthly General Meetings, and other activities. The Video Studio is equipped with professional cameras, sound equipment, lights, and set and is used to shoot special video projects, as well as for related meetings and training.

The Video Lab houses the Marvin Green Memorial Capture Center, where all residents may use equipment without charge to convert their old media (such as 35mm slides, VHS tapes, and long-play records) to modern digital formats. Residents and clubs wanting to video-record their events and other activities may borrow consumer-level camcorders, tripods, and microphones without charge from the Video Lab during open Lab hours, Tuesday-Friday, 1-4 p.m.


To sign up for our e-newsletter, the Videogram, with news of our current activities, go to: .

To visit our YouTube channel, go to:

To call the Video Lab during open hours, Tuesday-Friday, 1-4 p.m., dial: 949-470-0965


April 16th General Meeting Program

"How to Stay Out of Jail While Doing Video” 

Vice President Tom Nash has some painful memories to share when it comes to copyright issues. As our General Meeting speaker Thursday, April 16, the retired head of Mass Communications at Biola University will explain “How to Stay Out of Jail While Doing Video.” Open free to the public, the meeting begins with refreshments and socializing at 6:30 pm, followed by the program at 7.

“I'm going to describe how a simple copyright mistake cost me $100,000 and almost cost me my business,” says Tom, adding, “Don't let it happen to you!” In addition to copyright, he will address issues of privacy, liability, and other legal concerns facing videographers. For Video Club members, these issues may come up when placing videos on YouTube and on Channel 6. For information, contact President Steve Carman, , 424-254-6583. 



First Broadcast, Premier Party Set for April 17

It's show time! The long-awaited airing of “Never Too Late to Date” is at hand – starting at 2 pm April 17 on Channel 6 – and club members and friends are invited to a reception and the screening of a DVD of our senior dating TV show that evening. Our Premier Party will be held Friday, April 17, from 6 to 9 pm in the Video Lab and Studio. No charge. Light refreshments will be served. “Come and celebrate with us!” says Producer Phil Doran. For information, contact Ellen Van Houten, , 949-470-4710.

Here's the April airtime schedule for N2L2D on Channel 6:

Friday, April 17, 2 pm

Tuesday, April 21, 4 pm

Friday, April 24, 6 pm

Thursday, April 30, 6 pm

WHAT'S N2L2D? The hour-long show is comprised of three games, where a bachelor (or a bachelorette) puts questions to three members of the opposite sex whom he (or she) cannot see, and by their answers, determines which one is the most appealing to go out with on a first date. That first date is filmed and highlights of their evening together are shown. Says Ellen Van Houten, a Video Club member and writer on the show, “The fun, spontaneous nature of the game allows single people to find out more about each other in 10 minutes than they would in a month of dating.” All contestants are residents of the Village.



April 26 in CH3 Auditorium

Documentary about Huell Howser 

As a fund-raiser for the Video Club, we've reserved the Clubhouse 3 Auditorium on Sunday, April 26, at 2 pm to screen the outstanding feature-length documentary “A Golden State of Mind: The Storytelling Genius of Huell Howser.” 

Jeff Swimmer, the film's producer, will be our guest to discuss the making of his film. He is an Associate Professor in Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. Released last year but never before shown in South Orange County, the film was funded by the Automobile Club of Southern California. Huell Howser, the beloved host of the KCET public television series “California’s Gold,” donated his archives to Chapman University at his death in 2013.
Tickets are $10 each*. For more information, contact Publicity Director Lucy , 949-456-4657.  Plan to sell some to friends and neighbors. Plan a Huell Howser party and enjoy an early dinner after the show! 

*Tickets for Huell Howser Film Go on Sale March 29

Tickets for the feature-length documentary “A Golden State of Mind: The Storytelling Genius of Huell Howser” go on sale in the CH3 Box Office this Sunday, March 29, at $10 each. The film will be presented Sunday, April 26, at 2 pm in Clubhouse 3 Auditorium by the Video Club and Friends of the Village. Since proceeds benefit the Video Club, Barbel Dagostino and Lucy Parker are spearheading the effort to sell tickets. Non-residents with tickets will be admitted through the gates, so let your family and friends know about this special showing of a film about a very special person. 

If you'd like to help, please contact Lucy, , 949-456-4657. (Click here for event flier.)

SPECIAL NOTE: The Huell Howser film showing will be featured on Channel 6's “This Day” news show on Thursday, April 16, live at 8:30 a.m. The show rebroadcasts at 12:30 and 5 pm. Video Club representatives will be interviewed.


"Happy Song Video” to Air on Channel 6



The “Happy Song Video” started airing March 9 on Channel 6 as filler between shows. Watch for it! The 4-minute video, which shows Laguna Woods Villagers dancing to singer Pharrell Williams' wildly-popular “Happy Song.” The video's Executive Producer was Allen Fortson, Facilitator of the Studio Creative Forum, which meets Fridays at 10 a.m. in the Video Studio to develop video projects.

Begun last summer and shot all over the Village, the video includes the following clubs and individuals: Clown Alley, Pickleball, Lawn Bowling, Writers Club, Video Club, Aquadettes, Belly Dancers, Tap Dancers, African American Club, Midiots Musical Group, Danielle Schuster (dance instructor and Village resident caregiver), Allen Forston, Barbel Dagostino, Gloria d'Simone-Shute, Suzanne Curtis, Richard Wisniach, Roland Harrison, Lisa Kirsoff, KZ Morihiro, and – last but not least – Larry Strauss, dancing in his wheelchair!!

Others on the video production team were Roland Harrison, Richard Wisniach, Steve Carman, and Lucy Parker as Associate Producers; and Allen, Chuck Hale, and Steve Carman as Editors. DVDs of the video are available during Video Lab open hours, Tuesday-Friday, 1-4 pm, for a $5 donation to the Video Club. For more information, contact Allen, , 949 322 3232.


2015 Leadership Team Introduced at Annual Awards Banquet


Video Club leaders for 2015 pictured at the Banquet are (from left) Tom Nash, Betsy Martin, Lucy Parker, Mike Evans, Pat Burr, Joan Carman, Chuck Hale, Evelyn Chang, Charles Higginson, Norma Benner, Lisa Kirsoff, Allen Fortson, and Bliss Hill.

2015 Video Club Leaders

President                                 Steve Carman
Past President                         Lucy Parker
Vice President                         Tom Nash
Secretary                                 Lisa Kirsoff
Treasurer                                 Bob Kulpa
Purchasing Manager               Bob Kulpa      
Membership Director              Evelyn Chang
Publicity Director                    Lucy Parker
   Videogram Production             Misako Katayama
   Webmaster                              Gayle Gomez
Office Manager                      Barbel Dagostino
Video Lab Manager                Charles Higginson     
   & Lab Supervisor Coordinator       
Video Studio Manager             Mike Ayotte

KEY VOLUNTEERS                                 
Lab Supervisors                      Tue:    Bob Kulpa
                                                            Norma Benner
                                                Wed:   Betsy Martin
                                                            Pat Burr
                                                Thu:    Lucy Parker
                                                Fri:      Wolfgang Kutter
                                                            Al Koch
Hospitality                               Bliss Hill
                                               Joan Carman  
Equipment Controller              _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Historian                                 Norma Benner
General Meetings                   Steve Carman
Project Day                             Danny Sciupac
Channel 6 Monthly                  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _      
  Video Club Show
    Studio Technical Steering Committee
            Steve Carman              Mike Bajc
            Mike Ayotte                   Scott Marvel
            Tom Nash                   
    Education Steering Committee
            Tom Nash                    Lucy Parker
            Betsy Martin                Chuck Hale    
            Steve Carman
    Studio Creative Forum     Allen Fortson 
    Corel Forum                       Wolfgang Kutter


Four Past Presidents Thank Tom Martin For His Years of Service to Video Club

 Four recent Past Presidents, Lucy Parker, Scott Marvel, Charles Higginson, and Norma Benner,    sent a letter to express the Video Club's thanks to Tom Martin as he steps down from his longtime      service. Tom has been President, Treasurer, Purchasing Manager, and Newsletter Editor, as well  as holding other club assignments. 

 It is with much regret that we issue this official notice of your release from your assignments    as Video Club Board Member, Lab Supervisor, Equipment Curator and Software Manager for    the Laguna Woods Video Club. Your many contributions to the Club have been both            extraordinary and cover a span of time that is almost equal to the lifetime of the Club. You have  set a course for the Club that will carry us long into the future. Your presence, expertise,  advice and vast video knowledge cannot be easily replaced and will be greatly missed. . .
There is no way we can express how deep our gratitude runs for the endless hours, over such a long period, that you have devoted to the Video Club. Please know that your service is appreciated. And, as we move forward, it will be our pleasure to pursue the course, as you have defined it, for the Video Club in the coming years.
We wish you all the best in whatever the future holds for you and your family.

The “Never Too Late to Date” Report

All of the shooting has been completed on the Village's senior dating game show, "Never Too Late to Date," and final editing is underway, according to Producer Phil Doran. The Video Club is producing the show in cooperation with Channel 6 and the final product will be aired soon on Channel 6 as a one-hour show. 

 For more information about “Never Too Late to Date,” contact the N2L2D's publicity coordinator Ellen Van Houten, , 949-470-4710 .



Studio Creative Forum – Fridays, 10 am-noon, Video Studio. With a focus is on the creative side of video production, the Studio Creative Forum is currently working on developing comedic content. Open free to all. For information, contact Allen Fortson, Forum Facilitator,, 949 322 3232.

Corel Forum – Held on first Tuesdays (led by Ralph Vanderlinde) and third Tuesdays (led by Wolfgang Kutter), 10 am-noon, Video Lab. Open free to all who would like to learn video editing on the PC using Corel VideoStudio. For information, contact Wolfgang Kutter, Corel Forum Facilitator,, 949-457-1259.

General Meeting – Thursday, March 19, 6:30 pm, Video Lab.Open to all. Saddleback College cinema/TV/radio faculty member Hiro Konishi speaking on “How to Tell A Story Visually.” For information contact President Steve Carman,, 424-254-6583.

Project Day – Monday, April 6, 1-3 pm, Video Lab. Members share and receive feedback on recent work and work-in-progress. Open free to all. For information or to be scheduled as a presenter, contact Project Day Coordinator Danny Sciupac,  615-972-7427. 




Video Club Lends Consumer Camcorders and Accessories

Residents and clubs are invited to take advantage of the Video Club's free Consumer Equipment Loan Program which lends consumer-level camcorders, tripods, and microphones so those who want to record events, interviews, or other subjects. Basic instruction is provided for these short-term loans, and a deposit covering the cost of the equipment is required. Video editing services are not included.

While individual Video Club members often do video recording and editing for friends and clubs (usually suggesting a donation to the Video Club for their efforts), the Video Club does not officially provide these services to the community. Instead, we focus on helping residents learn to use video themselves at various levels. With advance notice, the Video Club will announce requests for video services to the membership in case a member wishes to volunteer to do the shoot. The club also provides referrals to professional videographers. For more information, visit or call the Video Lab during open hours, Tuesday-Friday from 1-4 p.m., 949-470-0965.


News from our 2015 Banquet 

Tom Nash Outlined Plans for Instruction

The Video Club's new Vice President Tom Nash (top left in collage below) took the podium on behalf of incoming President Steve Carman (inset) to outline new educational plans at our successful 5th Annual "Academy" Awards Banquet Saturday, January 17, in Clubhouse 7.. Emphasis will be on individualized "coaching." Health issues prevented Steve from attending, but he was there in spirit with wife Joan, who will co-head Hospitality with Bliss Hill this year. Outgoing President Lucy Parker thanked many volunteers in her summary of the club's accomplishments during 2014 and put special emphasis on creative progress in the Video Studio.

Gloria d'Simone-Shute (above left) kept the evening lively as our emcee. Lots of photographers were on hand, including Mike Bajc (bottom left), Barbel Dagostino (who did a fabulous job as our Banquet Chair), Mike Evans, and "you-know-who." One of Barbel's many contributions to the evening was the unusual chocolate raspberry cake (above right) decorated with photos of our incoming and outgoing Presidents.

Short Video Contest Winners Announced

In the Short Video Contest, Lucy Parker and Linda Lenthal tied for Best Picture among nine entries with their videos "Little Things" and "Mahale." Linda was on a five-month trip and could not attend. The surprise of the evening was that Lucy also won in "Oscars" in Videography and Editing, resulting in the armload of trophies (above) being presented by Contest Coordinator Roland Harrison. Other contestants were Ken Tsai, Danny Sciupac, Bob D'Evelyn, Betsy Martin, Chuck Hale, Pat Burr, and Jim Baker with videos on a wide range of subjects from travel to animals to fishing to humor, including animation, an air-sea rescue, and a even a Western "horse opry."

Club Activities

Video Lab Open Hours Tuesdays through Fridays between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Closed on holidays and November 26-27, 2015  and December 18, 2015 - January 5, 2016  


Video Lab telephone number is 470-0965. Please call only during open hours, normally Tuesday through Friday, 1 p.m.-4 p.m.                                                               

General Meetings: Unless a change in schedule is announced (as for February 2015), 3rd Thursday of the month except January, July, August and December. During January we host our annual Awards Banquet celebration. 


Project Day, on the first Monday of the Month

Up to four Video Club members showcase one of their recent works from 1-3 p.m. in the Video Lab. Project Day videos are limited to 8 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of discussion covering both creative and technical aspects and providing participants with feedback. Contact Project Day Coordinator Danny Sciupac by email at  or call 615 972-7427 for more information or to be a presenter. 


Learning Opportunities / Classes:

Hands-on Audio Workshop, Saturday March 28, 10 - 12, $5*, Studio, Tom Nash 

Music and Sound Effects for Video Production, Saturday April 4, 10 - 12, $5*, Studio, Tom Nash

Hands-on Inside Lighting Workshop, Saturday, April 11, 10 - 12, $5*, Studio, Tom Nash 

Beginning Video Editing using Corel, three Thursdays, April 16-30, 10 - 12, $15*, Video Lab, Tom Nash & Lucy Parker

Video Editing using iMovie (for Mac), four Tuesdays, May 2-23, 3-5, Mac Lab, $15*, Steve Carman

Corel Forum. First and third Tuesdays, 10-12, Video Lab, various topics related to Corel Studio, Wolfgang Cutter and Ralph Vanderlinde

How to Make Videos that Don’t Suck, May dates TBA. 


Are you confident you can reliably capture great video and sound? You can be. Just sign up for Videography Certification. We will go through all the steps to make sure you can do everything needed (see Videography Certification Program sheet). If you are unsure about some parts, we will show you how, then let you do it. When you have gotten all the items signed off we will issue an attractive certificate attesting to your competence and add you to our list of Certified Videographers. It’s free for members. Sign up today. 

Coaching: Could you use a little coaching in some aspect of video production? We have experienced coaches who are ready and able to help. Send an email to describing the kind of help you need. We will match you up with a coach. $5* per half hour. ?

* $* are suggested donations to Video Club; presenters are volunteers.

Special Interest Events:  Posted as an Upcoming Event when scheduled.





The Video Lab and Audio/Video Studio are located in the Clubhouse 2 Annex buildings (between the main clubhouse and the pool).

To call the Video Lab please dial 470-0965.  If no answer, please call again during open hours, normally Tuesday through Friday, 1 p.m.-4 p.m.

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We Welcome New and Continuing Members

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Video Lab telephone number is 470-0965. 
Please call only during open hours, 
normally Tuesday through Friday, 1 p.m.-4 p.m.






You are cordially invited to join us for an upcoming event . . .











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