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Video Club

Welcome to The Video Club Webpage

"Preserving & Creating Memories"

The Video Club is the technology hub for Laguna Woods Village. The Club has a unique combination of hardware and software that permits bringing any old audio, movie or photo format to the digital age. This stops further deterioration and makes this material easy to access again. For people currently using digital camcorders (including high definition), programs are available for video editing and DVD authoring/creation.

If you are interested in using YouTube for some of our club news, visit and become a subscriber.  Special thanks to Scott Marvel for his efforts in creating and maintaining it.

Check out what there is to look forward to . . . 


10-Week Beginning Video Editing Class Started March 31

Residents who “always wanted to do something” with those family and travel videos and photos can learn how through the Video Club's class in beginning video editing.

 “Students learn to make a talking photo album, document family history and travels, create clips for YouTube, capture slo-mo of their golf swing, and much more,” says Betsy Martin, the Video Club's Education Chair.

The class, taught by the club's veteran instructor, Chuck Hale, using the popular Windows video editing program Pinnacle 15, runs Monday mornings from 10 a.m. to 12 noon in the Video Lab. 

Cost for the 10-week class is $30 for club members; $40 for non-members includes 2014 club membership.

For more information, contact Betsy Martin at:, (H) 949-581-5453, (C) 707-540-1955


Meet this year's Award-Winning Member:  Linda Lenthall







Club Activities

Video Technology Center Open Lab Hours 
Closed on holidays during November and December


Video Lab telephone number is 470-0965. Please call only during open hours, normally Tuesday through Friday, 1 p.m.-4 p.m.                                                               

Video Editing using Corel, 1 PM - 3 PM Fridays with Wolfgang Kutter & Tom Martin during Open Lab.  


General Meetings: 3rd Thursday of the month, including summer months, except December because of holidays and January when there is no meeting during our Awards Banquet celebration. 

PowerDirector Forum: 1st and 3rd Friday of each month starting at 10 a.m. in the Video Lab. (Note:  This twice-each-month schedule replaces weekly sessions effective March 15, 2014.)


6:30 PM Socialize & Snack;  7 PM Program 
September 19, 2013 Program, Iceland 2012, presented by George Harper

Project Day, on the first Monday of the Month starting April 7, 2014

Note:  There will be no project day during the month of March 2014

Up to four Video Club members showcase one of their recent works from 1-3 p.m. in the Video Lab. Project Day videos are limited to 8 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of discussion covering both creative and technical aspects and providing participants with feedback. Contact Lucille Roberts by email at or call (949) 552-5014 to be placed on the schedule. 


Special Interest Events:  Posted as an Upcoming Event when scheduled.





The Video Lab and Audio/Video Studio are located in the Clubhouse 2 Annex buildings (between the main clubhouse and the pool).

To call the Video Lab please dial 470-0965.  If no answer, please call again during open hours, normally Tuesday through Friday, 1 p.m.-4 p.m.

Follow up on 'YouTube Treasures'

From Lucy Parker, President, Video Club of Laguna Woods

Our March 20, 2014, General Meeting program, "YouTube Treasures to Learn from and Enjoy," drew a nice crowd and a lot of interest. Several people wanted to be able to access the videos we presented for further study, so here they are.  (Note: Copy and paste the web addresses into your browser.)

"Paper Is Not Dead" (0:45) (Norma Benner) HILARIOUS! 




"First Kiss" (3:28) (a viral video -- 64,840,308 views)  


"Charlie Bit My Finger -- Again" (0:55) (super-viral -- 679,790,082 views)

"Project Yosemite" (3:57) (from Stephen Carman) GORGEOUS WORK!


"The Procelain Unicorn" (2:59) (from Tom Martin) UNFORGETTABLE!


"Japan in January" (7:05) (from Lucy Parker) NICE CAMERA WORK & SLO-MO EDITING ENHANCES MOOD  ://


Here's one we didn't see, suggested by Vice President and Program Chair Allen Fortson who couldn't be at the meeting. (We did see several of Allen's picks, however, presented by Steve Knight, below).  

Bob Welsh – My Christmas Eve (3:57)  Welsh is a professional speaker.  This would have been easy to shoot, just Welsh standing in front of a Christmas tree with a lavalier mic.  It's a good story; he's a great reader -- and the video has had 2,955,923 views!! 


From our speaker Steve Knight:

"Love Laguna Woods Music Dance Comedy" (2:31)

"Amazing little girl sings after losing mom to cancer" (3:42)

"Rappin' 4 Jesus, Jeshua, King of Kings" (1:40)

More of Steve's videos can be found on theteenproject88, one of several YouTube channels he maintains.

I was also asked how one can download videos from YouTube, since YouTube doesn't provide a way. There are many video downloaders, but this one was recommended to me and I've been using the free version successfully on my PC. A faster paid version costs $19.99 a year.

YTD Video Downloader

You run the program and paste in the URL of the video you want (from YouTube or another source) and tell the program what folder to put it in. YTD Downloader then goes out and gets the video for you. The free version is pretty slow and you'll be dunned to buy the paid version, which I'm thinking about doing.

As always, be cautious downloading any free software to make sure no unwanted malware comes with it.



Join as a new member, or renew your dues for 2014.  Dues are $10 for single, or $15 for two (same household.). Benefits include field trips, e-mail alerts on technology happenings and software/hardware sales, monthly newsletter, and preferred pricing.

For a friendly greeting, meet a member and get acquainted with one or more volunteers serving on our 2014 Leadership Team.

2014 Video Club Leaders at third annual January 30, 2014 “Academy Awards” Banquet. From left, Lucy Parker, President; Genevieve Freeman, Lab Supervisor; Bliss Hill, Treasurer; Gene Freeman, Lab Supervisor; Allen Fortson, Vice President; Tom Martin, Purchasing; Norma Benner, Membership; Betsy Martin, Education; Charles Higginson, Lab Coordinator; Mike Evans, Equipment Controller; John Hill, Lab Supervisor; Lucille Roberts, Project Day; and Pat Burr, Lab Supervisor. .


Lucy Parker


(949) 456-4657,


Allen Fortson



Bliss Hill



Lisa Kirsoff SECRETARY

Norma Benner, past president & Lonn Beedy

Tom Martin
past president

                                                                  Chuck Hale


Lucille Roberts

Pinnacle Advisor



Charles Higginson, past president

Genevieve Freeman, Gene Freeman, John Hill, Pat Burr


  Lab Supervisors














Video Lab telephone number is 470-0965. 
Please call only during open hours, 
normally Tuesday through Friday, 1 p.m.-4 p.m.






General Meeting Programs

Wondering What You Missed?

2014:  General Meetings

Apr. 17:    Resident Artist Marge Kinney: Creating and Sharing instructional videos on YouTube

Mar. 20:  YouTube Treasures designed to enhance your learning experience 

Feb. 20 :  Mike Bajc presented highlights from our annual January gala.  Linda Lenthall facilitated review of her award-winning video on Alaska. 


2013: General Meetings

Nov. 21:  Video Device Options Four presenters, Lawry Bau, Charles Higginson, Lucy Parker and Mike Bajec, explain their choices of devices and feature preferences

Oct. 17:  You Be the Judge! of a selection of member-created videos

Sept 19: Iceland 2012 presented by George Harper

May 16:  Adventures in Travel Cinema presented by Hal McClure

Apr. 18: Sharing My Video Passions presented by Rich Lehrer + Resource EXPO clip

Mar 21:  Video Club EXPO
Feb 21:
  How to Make a Green Screen
presented by Lucy Parker

Jan. 17, 2013: Our Gala Event of the Year... A Red Carpet 'Oscar' Evening
featuring 10 member-created videos, voting and awards; buffet dinner; installation of club officers.

2012: General Meetings

Nov 15:   Making and Preserving Memories with Mike Bajc, using a restoration project from Maddie Langsford. 

Oct 18:  How to Make Contest Videos, just in time for our entry deadline.  Presented by three members in the know:  Wolfgana Kutter, Dick McCartney and Lucille Roberts. 

Sept 20: Scott Marvel explained how to use mobile devices like IPhones for videography.

May 17:  The remarkable short movies of the late Bob Wiener, who loved to make the audience laugh, delighted and impressed us, and yes, made us laugh. In this tribute program, we also discussed some of the production elements Bob stressed along  and celebratied Bob's contributions to the Village and the world by using his camera and editing skills.

April 19: Our April program featured Thea Iberall, a playwright, videographer, poet and scientist who has just completed "Making a Video of a Theatrical Performance" using one of the clubs computers. In this presentation, she showed her promo of a current project entitled "We did it for you. Women's Journey through History" and explained how she used Vegas Movie Studio to edit together three separate performances into one coherent video, adding overlay graphics and rolling information. (Note: This was a program change; the previously announced program was to feature Harry Antonian's experience and insights into creation of an internationally distributed TV show and use of social media to get more exposure.)

March 15:  Chuck Hale presented two of his videos, including a 10-minute special on our community's Golf Starter Building construction project and a video he created for the benefit of a women's shelter.

Feb. 16: Three distinctly different video projects and story-telling approaches presented by The Harpers.

Jan. 20:  New Year Kick-Off in lieu of regular meeting.
A red-carpet gala (think the Oscars) that started at 5:30 p.m., complete with sumptuous buffet dinner and all the excitement of an awards event featuring participant voting for best-of-the-best short videos created by members. 

2011: General Meetings 

Dec: 14:  4 p.m. Deadline for submission of Short Movie Entries

Nov. 17: Member Bonnie Beaux Fullerton presented "An Evening of the Creative Process" using informative and charming slides for "show and tell" about skillfully combining photos and video. 

*Oct. 27: (Meeting date changed from Oct. 20 because of Gate 12 parking lot resurfacing.)  Program featured guest presenter Chaz Curry, who shared and illustrated his techniques for producing remarkable works with video and stills. 

Sept. 15:  Hal McClure, a pioneer in presenting travel adventures in digital forms, shared highlights from his creation of The Reel Dracula, which he made in Romania.

May 18:  A much-anticipated general meeting with a Chuck Hale presentation of Cruise Highlights. 
In his own inimitable style, Chuck regaled and enlightened us with tips on travel with camera, camcorder and laptop.  His presentation, based on recent experience in creating new productions, featured one segment of a lengthy cruise and Australian land tour. 

April 21:  Our general meeting featured Linda Lenthall's Antartica Adventure video, complementing the photography of her husband, Jim. In this presentation she shared the story of an Antarctic trip, including the Falklands and South Georgia.  Now working with HD and editing with Adobe Premiere CS5, she told us about her process, from start through Blu-ray disc.

March 17: Our general meeting featured a real workout in the form of a circuit of lab stations designed to reveal hidden treasures for videography: all our resources and capabilities that users can use to produce memorable videos.

Feb. 17:  John Dewey presented the compelling life story of his wife Yvonne, created in iMovie following highlights of the 2011 Kick-Off Party.

Jan. 20:  2011 Kick-Off Party.  Our annual gala featured a Lombardi-catered buffet, the Top 10 videos entered in our very own academy-style competition, and awards for Best of Show as well as 2nd and 3rd place winning entries based on audience votes. 


December 15: Deadline for Short Movie Entries

Nov. 18:  Five Video Producers (Mike Bajc of Digital Arts Plus, Lawrie Bau, Chuck Hale, Wolfgang Kutter, and Bob Wiener) each present Show & Tell about one of their creations so we can learn from them.

Sept 13-Nov. 15:  Video Production Class
Mondays from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. Class designed for beginners and limited to 20 learners.  $20 donation.  Experienced members teach and assist on an array of topics.  Contact Norma at 699-0679 for more info.

Oct. 21:  Gordeon Richiusa
, instructor of script writing at Saddleback Community College, and students from his Thursday evening class join us to present the trials and tribulations encountered in the making of films that will be shown. 

Sept. 16:  A Connection Technologies (Broadband) representative explained new phone service available only in Laguna Woods Village AND Saddleback Community College Fine Arts Instructor Pamme Turner did a show and tell about the making of her enthralling Plein Air "Sea of Light" DVD using Final Cut Pro on the MAC.

Sept. 9:  SIG with Ed Larson (Movie Maker); Lawrie Bau (Pinnacle); Al Koch (MAC users); Wolfgang Kutter (Corel/ULead editors)
and Norma Benner

July and August: 
Learning opportunities in the Video Lab as announced.

June 17:
Ed Larson presented his work with Photodex ProShow Gold and Mike Bajc of Digital Arts+Plus covered the newest technology for transferring film to DVD, including Teranex for broacsact applications.

May 20:  
A collaborative production of the 2010 Senior Games by Camera Club and Video Club members was shown during our Socializing Time, which began at 6:30 p.m.  The featured program of the meeting was a presentation by Jim Baker about 
the documentary he produced on the life of aviation great, Jerry Lederer. It was an opportunity to learn about how he did what he did using special effects, including "jump backs" and other techniques and get answers to questions.
May 27:
Family History Special Interest Group featured step-by-step instruction on creating you own website using Google Site as a follow-up to April's meeting with Herb Abrams. 

May 20: General Meeting

May 6:  Open House 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.

April 22:  Family History Sig focuses on creating websites to share family genealogy, photos and storeis.  Herb Abrams, a volunteer, will assist.
April 15:  George Harper shares results of his creative efforts with video and still photos using the latest equipment, software and technology.

April 1:  Video Club Open House welcomed 45 participants.  Chuck Hale demonstrated creation of a Talking Photo Album.  Transforming old and decrepit specimens into clean, sharp images and then adding music, titles and narration is now a relatively easy process with software available in our lab; individual training for a suggested donation is also available, with all proceeds used by the Club to maintain, replay and purchase equipment.

March 25:  Thirteen members met at South Orange County California Genealogical Society in Mission Viejo Library to learn about the many resources available there.

March 18:  Orange County High School of the Arts students share their Greatest Generation video project.

February 18: Videos by Lawrie Bau and Bob Wiener

January 28:  Family History Sig.  Effective Interviewing Skills: Listening with Your Heart and Head

January 21:  Kick-Off Party with Luau-style Buffet; Music by the Silver Strings and Hula by the Wahine O Lani.







You are cordially invited to join us for an upcoming event . . .


Next monthly meeting:  Thursday, April 17, 6:30 p.m. in the Video Lab

Resident Artist and Art Teacher Marge Kinney shares the secrets of her success in a video-illustrated presentation, “Challenges and Opportunities of YouTube.” 

Inspired by her son's and grandson's success on YouTube, she took the plunge in 2009 and started creating and posting her own art instruction videos. Thirty-six videos and 525,000 views later, Kinney enjoys a devoted following on her YouTube channel,



 PowerDirector Forum 

As the first in a series of special-interest groups, PowerDirector Forum  began weekly on Fridays, starting February 7, at 10 a.m. in the Video Lab.  Effective March 15, 2014, by agreement of participants, the meetings are now held twice each month on the 1st & 3rd Friday morning. 

This highly-rated consumer video editing program includes very easy slideshow and video-creation modules.  Besides attached website helps, long-time Power Director user Bob Cummings has prepared a "HOW TO" video for use by beginners.  He has also created an instructional video on utilizing Google Maps in videos.  Both of these helps will be available in the LAB. Please come to learn and to share.


Introduction to Editing with Corel

facilitated by Wolfgang Kutter & Tom Martin

from 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m. during Open Lab each Friday 


Project Day, 3rd Monday of the Month 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.

The Video Club's Project Days this summer were so successful that it's now a monthly event. On the third Monday of the month up to four Video Club members will showcase some of their recent work from 1-3 p.m. in the Video Lab (located between Clubhouse 2 and the pool). The public is invited to attend without charge.

According to Betsy Martin, the club's Education Chair, Project Day videos are limited to 8 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of discussion covering both creative and technical aspects and providing participants with feedback. Members wishing to participate should contact Lucille Roberts,, (949) 552-5014, to be placed on the schedule. Videos longer than 8 minutes may be considered for presentation on a case-by-case basis.





Beginning Video Editing Classes with Pinnacle 15 started March 31

10-week series of classes on Mondays from 10 a.m. to 12 noon in the Video Lab

Chuck Hale, instructor

Cost: $30 for club members; $40 non-members (includes 2014 membership) 

For more information, contact Betsy Martin at:, (H) 949-581-5453, (C) 707-540-1955.










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