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Reform Temple of Laguna Woods Village

Reform Temple of Laguna Woods

Ben Kamin, Rabbi

Greg Luchs, Cantorial Soloist

Juanita Tsu, Choir Director

Muriel Asch, President

PO Box  2833,  Laguna Hills, CA 92654

HOTLINE 949-580-1160

SHABBAT SERVICES: Friday evening, 7:30 pm

Clubhouse 1


This Week at Your Temple




*** Shabbat Services – NEW TEMPORARY LOCATION -

Clubhouse 6, 7:30 pm ****

FRIDAY, JULY 24, 2015

We are thrilled to honor Muriel Asch this Shabbat in recognition of her

75th birthday!


MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Clubhouse 1 is being painted during a portion of July and August. As a result, we are moving our Shabbat services.  Services will be in the following clubhouses:


Friday, July 24, 7:30pm Clubhouse 6                          Fri, July 31, 7:30pm Clubhouse 6

Friday, August 7, 7:30 pm. Clubhouse 7                      Fri, August 14, 7:30pm Clubhouse 6

Make all bus transportation arrangements to bring you to the correct clubhouse on those Shabbat evenings. Everyone is welcome. Please share this information with others that come to services.


MEN’S CLUB – SUNDAY, AUGUST 9 - The Men’s Club is honored to present Rabbi Arthur J. Abrams who is returning by popular demand. At the August 9th bagel and lox breakfast meeting at 9AM at clubhouse five, Rabbi Art Abrams, who is a member of The Reform Temple of Laguna Woods, will present and discuss the fascinating topic:  


“The Seeds of Abraham”;     ‘Was Abraham a Jew? A Christian? Or a Moslem?

Reservations are a MUST! Call either John Dorman at 859-2215 or Alan Glueck at 215-4733. As a reminder the club’s membership year started on July first and dues paid to treasurer Sid Alpert, either in advance by mail, or at the meeting,  Men’s Club members $5 breakfast; non-members and guests $7.


Join the Men’s Club at the BASEBALL GAME – Sunday, August 23! $20 Men’s Club Members and $25 guests. Bus leaves the gates at 11:15 am, returns at 5 pm. Call Marty Rhodes 949-829-8714. - Click link to learn all about the event!




BOOK CLUB – AUGUST 19 - Ayelet Waldman's "Love and Treasure" is a triptych novel that follows the lives of American and Hungarian Jews across the 20th century.  It is a story of relationships, art and loss, for it moves among a granddaughter trying to solve a puzzle, feminists in Budapest between the wars and the European Holocaust survivors headed to Palestine. 

Members of the Reform Temple of Laguna Woods are all invited to read our August selection and then join our Book Club to discuss, agree, disagree and enjoy analyzing this novel.  We meet the third Wednesday of every month.  This meeting is August 19, in Clubhouse 5, Meeting Room 2 from 10-11:30.  There is no charge. Please join us. Call Lee Kobin 949/540-3885.




Rosh Chodesh is taking reservations for its Annual Membership Tea on Tues, August 25 at 3:30 pm in CH 6.  Enjoy special tea time treats along with entertainment by “Just Us” the charming and talented team of singer Estelle DiNunzio and pianist Mark Hochberg.  Send  your $18 dues check to Geri Hacker at 2282 Via Mariposa, #C.  In order to attend the Tea, members are invited to send $8 along with their reservation to Geri Hacker.  For information, call Geri at 458-3643 or Sharon Walts at 581-7240.  Join Rosh Chodesh and enjoy many wonderful afternoons.



Erev Roshanah Dinner - Sunday Sept 13  - Make your plans soon for the Erev Roshanah Dinner. Sunday Sept 13 @4:30 pm at Clubhouse 6. The clubhouse can only accommodate 99 people. A delicious dinner catered by Jolanda is only $26 per member and $30 per guest.  Children under 10 yrs, only $12.  For reservations call Barbara Lipow 280-2433 or Gail Foor 697-7008. Reservations must be made by Sept. 8.



 HELP WANTED-The Fundraising committee is looking for people who are willing to help with Fundraising events. If you can help or have a good idea please contact Brenda at of by phone at 949-583-9698.  We will schedule a meeting sometime in August.



 HOSPITALITY: Volunteers needed to be greeters on a Shabbat of your choice. Please contact Lita Pickman @ (949)586-4795 or her know when you will be available.



Members of the temple were very successful in forming two Havurahs (social groups) when they met on July 11, and one of these would like another couple to join them. 

If you would like to join a hiking group on a Sunday afternoon temple members would like your participation

in their group. All temple members are invited to join a Havurah (a great way to join a social group and meet new friends) These groups are very helpful in promoting temple solidarity. If interested phone Joyce DeWoskin, 472-0661.


Your Education Vice Presidents would like to know who might be interested in

  1. A Hebrew class to either refresh your past reading skills or learn for the first time.

  2. Learning the prayers and songs for Shabbat

  3. The basics of Jewish living in the home; daily, weekly and Shabbat rituals and holidays

  4. Any other needs/wants for us to consider?

Contact Sharon Roszia at or Pat Steinberg at  

The Remembrance Book is in Preparation

Remember your loved ones by including their names in this year’s Book of Remembrance. The Book will be available at the Yizkor Service on Yom Kippur. You will receive a letter offering you the opportunity to add you individual remembrances. If you have not received the letter, copies are available on the Shalom Table. The Book goes to print on Sept.13, 2015.


The Temple Lecture Series begins October 22nd in Clubhouse 1, Main Lounge, at 10:00 a.m.  Pat Steinberg and Sharon Roszia, your Program committee Vice Chairs, have assembled an outstanding nine months’ of speakers you will not want to miss. The full flyer of information and registration form will be available in August.  The cost to Temple members for nine lectures for only $45.00. For non-members, the cost is $55.00.  Our first lecture will be offered by David Whitley and is entitled: “Why Islam? The Reasons behind Islam’s Violence” David is a student of history, politics and religion.

MEMBERSHIP: Dues must be paid completely prior to receiving your High Holiday tickets. Membership dues are $175 per person. Please remit prior to August 15th to receive your tickets via mail prior to the holidays. Any members requiring to make their dues in payments, contact Cheryl Beldner at 586-3103. Mail payments to Cheryl Beldner, 203-C Avenida Majorca, Laguna Woods. Now is a good time to purchase High Holy Day Gates to Repentance if you don't have them. Cost is $25.00.... available at the Shalom Table on Shabbat.

** If you are no longer using your Gates of Prayer – please consider donating it to the Temple.  A decorative plate will be pasted in your book in recognition of your generosity. **


YAHRZEIT INFORMATION - For information regarding Yahrzeits, contact Muriel Asch (860-7036) or Mark Simon (714-323-0662; email:            

TEMPLE TRIBUTES - If you wish to honor someone special while performing the mitzvah of Tzedakah, call Beverly Genereux (829-6633), or pick up a Tzedakah envelope at the Shalom Desk, complete it, and send to Beverly at 3362-P Monte Hermoso, Laguna Woods, CA 92637.

WEEKLY MISHEBERACH LIST - As a caring congregation, it is important for us to know those who are in need of healing. To include a name on the Misheberach list, call Marti Hack 859-6277 or If you would like to have the Rabbi contact you, please refer to the Roster or contact Marti.

CELEBRATE YOUR SPECIAL EVENT AT THE TEMPLE - Candle lighting, or opening the ark can honor your special birthday, anniversary, or just you! Honors are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. To sponsor an Oneg Shabbat, or to schedule Shabbat services honors, call Barbara Rader (540-9704) or Sandra Elias (472-1138). Cakes and flowers must be ordered through the Temple. Call Bernice Pivo (768-1006) or Ruth Siegel (588-7658).

Shabbat Shalom

Religious Practices

Weekly Friday night services are held at CH 1 at 7:30 pm




Social Action



If you know of a Temple member who is shut in or would


like a visit from caring people from our Temple, please call


Irene Samuels at 855-8712 or Jeannie Keleman at 951-1727.


To be included on the Misheberach list or if you have an


addition to the Yahrzeit list, please call Marti Hack at





If you are interested in working with students at San Joaquin Elementary School on Santa Vittoria to assist in reading, spelling or math for a few hours a week, contact  Bob or Harriet Schwartz at 454-9211.

Meals on wheels needs volunteers one day a month for 1 ½ hours. All deliveries in Laguna Woods Village. Call Barbara Goldberg 470-0312.



7-1-2014 to 6-30-2015



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