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Reform Temple of Laguna Woods Village

Reform Temple of Laguna Woods

Ben Kamin, Rabbi

 Cantor Jennifer Lewis

Juanita Tsu, Choir Director

Carol Bowler, President

PO Box  2833,  Laguna Hills, CA 92654

HOTLINE 949-580-1160

SHABBAT SERVICES: Friday evening, 7:30 pm

Clubhouse 1


Monthly Bulletin
RTLW April 2017 Bulletin
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This Week at Your Temple



Reform Temple of Laguna Woods


 Shabbat Services

Shabbat Services - Fri, June 23, 7:30pm CH1

Honoring Mark and Renee Simon celebrating their anniversary & hosting the Oneg!


Congregational Meeting – June 24, 10 AM – Clubhouse 7 – Election and installation of Board members for 2017/2018. The Revised Bylaws will be presented to the congregation for a vote. Copies with the proposed changes from our current bylaws highlighted in red will be available on the Shalom Table at Shabbat services. The agenda is as follows: Committee Reports, Congregational vote on adoption of the revised bylaws, and election of 2017-18 Board. Thank you to the Bylaw Committee for all their diligence and devotion of time needed to make the recommended changes: JJ Hurst, Muriel Asch, Sharon Walts, Hillel Pitlik & Ira Joss. A light brunch will be served for which reservations are required. RSVP to Gail Foor at (949) 697-7008.


Rosh Chodesh – June 27, 3:30 PM – Clubhouse 6 – Come to a Havdalah Service and discussion, a learning & participatory program with special treats. All RTLW women are welcome at this lovely and meaningful event. The program begins with refreshments and socialization at 3:30. Please bring nonperishable foodstuffs which we will transport to South County Outreach for distribution to the hungry in our community. For information call Sharon Walts at 581-7240 or Jean Cohn at 770-4497.


Men's Club – July 9, 9 AM – Clubhouse Five, DR 1 – We are pleased to welcome Joyce Alpert in a reprise of Conversos & Crypto-Jews about secret Jews: hidden for centuries. Lox & Bagel breakfast: $5 members, $7 guests. Reservations to John Dorman: 949-859-2215.


Shabbat Dinner – July 14, 5:30 PM – Clubhouse Six – Catered by Jolanda includes oven-fried chicken, bbq beef ribs, potato salad, cole slaw, baked beans, corn on the cob, wine, challah and apple crisp with ice cream (vegetarian stuffed shells w/sauce & sugar free dessert if reserved). Members $17, non-members $19. Send checks to Lita Pickman....2399 Via Mariposa #2F by July 10.


Are you Creative? - Here is the perfect opportunity to use your special talent! The newly created Marketing Committee of RTLW is in need of a very creative person to design fliers for the purpose of advertising our various events & activities. If you, or someone you know, would like more information, please call Barbara Lipow at 949-588-8669.


Name Tag Table - Thank you to All Volunteers! We still need substitutes. Please call JJ Hurst to volunteer and she will provide a short orientation on Friday nite.
Thank you to those who are taking your name tags home in your prayer book or car glove compartment. Please remember to bring them on Friday night. If you forget, you can print one at the Tag Table.


Join the RTLW Choir! - Experience the joy of being a part of our wonderful choir! If you like to sing please call Juanita (949) 587-1937 or Walt (949) 707-4552 for information. Knowledge of Hebrew or the melodies is not needed; words are written out phonetically and Juanita will teach you the melodies. Being a choir member is a great way to get better acquainted.


SHABBAT GREETERS - Enjoy getting to know your fellow congregants by volunteering to be a greeter on the Friday of your choice. Contact Lita Pickman by calling (949)586-5795 or by e-mailing


YAHRZEIT INFORMATION - For information regarding Yahrzeits 0R if you would like to make a yahrzeit contribution, contact Greg Lerman, 2400 Via Mariposa W. Unit 1C, 371-5945 or Mark Simon 714-323-0662; email:


TEMPLE TRIBUTES - If you wish to honor someone special while performing a mitzvah, pick up a Tzedakah envelope at the Shalom Desk, complete it, and send it to Marlene Barkley at 208 Avenida Majorca, Unit A, Laguna Woods, CA 92637.


WEEKLY MISHEBERACH LIST - As a caring congregation, it is important for us to know those who are in need of healing. To include a name on the Misheberach list, call Marti Hack at 949-859-6277 or If you would like to have the Rabbi contact you, please refer to the Roster. Please understand that we will keep a name on the list for 30 days unless we receive a call to remove a name earlier.


CELEBRATE YOUR SPECIAL EVENT AT THE TEMPLE! - Honor someone special or celebrate your special event by lighting the Sabbath candles & opening the ark at services. To schedule Shabbat service honors and sponsor an Oneg Shabbat call Bob Schwartz at (949) 454-9211. To reserve cakes and/or flowers, call Susan Bain at (281) 732-4068 or email to Plan early to reserve the date.


The Monthly Bulletin is now available on the RTLW website. In order to access it, go to: and click on the link.


 Shabbat Shalom


Religious Practices

Weekly Friday night services are held at CH 1 at 7:30 pm




Experience the Temple inside the walls

of Laguna Woods Village



Temple Membership - $175/year/person

- Temple membership required for High Holy Day tickets -


For more information contactCarol Bowler – 581-9764



Membership - Reform Temple Interest Groups

Membership in the Reform Temple is open to all residents
 of Laguna Woods Village

Social Action



If you know of a Temple member who is shut in or would


like a visit from caring people from our Temple, please call


Irene Samuels at 855-8712 or Jeannie Keleman at 951-1727.


To be included on the Misheberach list or if you have an


addition to the Yahrzeit list, please call Marti Hack at





If you are interested in working with students at San Joaquin Elementary School on Santa Vittoria to assist in reading, spelling or math for a few hours a week, contact  Bob or Harriet Schwartz at 454-9211.

Meals on wheels needs volunteers one day a month for 1 ½ hours. All deliveries in Laguna Woods Village. Call Barbara Goldberg 470-0312.

                  2016 - 2017 RTLW BOARD & COMMITTEES
President: Carol Bowler 949-581-9764
1st Vice President: Muriel Asch 949-860-7036
Secretary: Beverly Genereux 949-829-6633
Treasurer: Stuart Hack 949-770-7322
Asst Treasurer: Ann Carter 949-415-6013
Sharon Roszia
Pat Steinberg
Membership Ethel Rosenfeld 949-458-1071
Barbara  Lipow
Gail Foor
Religious Practices Sandra Elias 949-472-1138
  Bob Schwartz 949-454-9211
Social Action Margot Gilison 949-859-4042
Muriel Asch 949-860-7038  
Stuart Hack 949-770-7322  
Frank Sande 949-380-4141  
Sharon Walts 949-581-7240  
Al Portnoy  949-768-5659  
Marvin Walts 949-581-7240  
Ira Joss 714-423-3864  
Birthday/Anniversary Mark Simon - List 714-323-0662
Book Club Lee Kobin 949-540-3885
Bulletin Mike Bender 949-588-1857
Card/Label Creator Marti Hack 949-859-6277
Choir Myrna Shannon 949-768-8056
Email Blasts Marti Hack 949-859-6277
Gate Clearance Greg Lerman 949-371-5945
Historian Marion Levine 949-768-2137
Hospitality Lita Pickman 949-586-4795
Jewish Film Festivals Rinat Amir 818-489-2550
  Anna Tasker 949-527-6601
JNF Trees Aloha Saxon 949-770-7633
Mailing List Marti Hack 949-859-6277
Meals on Wheels Barbara Goldberg 949-470-0312
Men's and Women's Club John Dorman 949-859-2215
Mi Shebeirach Margot Gilison 949-859-4042
Caller Jeanne Kelerman 949-951-1727
Mitzvah Cards Hugo Landau 949-830-7191
Oneg Shabbat Brenda Rader 949-583-9698
Publicity Fran  Baum 949-457-2556
Room Rentals Evelyn Tysch 949-457-2253
Roch Chodesh Sharon Walts 949-581-7240
  Jean Cohn 949-770-4497
  Sylvia Quittman 949-859-7420
Service Book Sales Ann Carter 949-415-6013
Shabbat Dinners Sharon Walts 949-581-7240
Shiva Services Margot Gilison 949-859-4042
Thank you - Board Lois Portnoy 949-830-3493
Tributes Sandy Tuckman 949-461-0591
Website Burt Goldstein 949-768-6390
Yahrzeit Mark Simon - List 714-323-0662
  Greg Lerman - Record 949-371-5945
Linda Berkowitz -Send out
Lita Pickman* 949-586-4795  
Evelyn Tysch 949-457-2253  
Greg Lerman 949-371-5945  
Marcy Sheinwold 949-427-3307  
Rozanne Dorman 949-859-2215  
Sharon Beck 949-380-1018  
Bob Schwartz 949-454-9211  
Jacob Weisberg 949-860-7017  
Marti Hack 949-859-6277  


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