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Landscape Information and Maintenance Schedules

Landscape Services

The Landscape Division provides:

• Periodic mowing of lawns, edging and weeding of lawns, slopes, tree basins, and pruning of shrubs and trees in all common areas.
• Fertilizing lawn and shrub areas.
• Controlling landscape pests using Integrated Pest Management practices.
• Treating, removing or replacing trees and shrubs as needed.
• Operating and maintaining the irrigation system.
• Collecting and processing of yard waste into mulch for community use.
• Recycling of old newspapers, cardboard, glass and aluminum.
• Periodic carport cleaning.

If a resident has a landscape need that is not currently provided as part of the regular service levels, the Landscape Division will be happy to assist, if possible, by performing the work as a chargeable service. For more information call 949-597-4600.

Landscape Request Form

Per the policy of your Mutual, if your request falls outside the scope of the managing agent’s authority, it will be forwarded to the Landscape Committee for their review. If you are unsure whether your request falls into this category, first please contact your area’s landscape supervisor through Property Services at 597-4600 in order to make that determination. If this is the case, then first you will receive a written confirmation acknowledging receipt of your request with an explanation of the review process. Once reviewed by the Committee, a recommendation will be made to the Board of Directors for action. You will then be notified of the Board’s decision. Please be patient as this process can take from a few weeks to a month or longer.

Click here to download the Mutual Landscape Request Form.

Weed Spraying Schedule

Tree Trimming Schedule

Miscellaneous Landscaping Projects

Landscape Shrub and Weeding Schedules

Landscape Mowing Schedules

Performance Review reveals Efficient Landscape Division at the Village

William Baker and Associates LLC (WBA) has conducted a Landscape Division Performance Review for Laguna Woods Village. The review began on July 1, 2013 and continued until the submission of the Final Report on October 25, 2013. During this period of time WBA spent in excess of 400 hours on the various project tasks. This includes many days on the property observing work, meeting with senior staff, touring different areas of the operation, collecting data and documents, and conducting our own tests. Additional time was spent conducting staff interviews, doing research, and writing the report.

According to the Landscape Department Performance Review, performed by WBA:

The Landscape Department at Laguna Woods Village is working at an excellent level of efficiency. The principles and best management practices either meet or exceed anything we see in the private sector. Resources available to the Department are indeed being utilized in an economical and efficient manner. The standards for quality are superb, and there is constant attention to improving both how quickly and how well jobs are completed. It is our studied and professional opinion that policies, standards, and procedures comply with those set forth by both the governing body of the Association and the governmental regulatory agencies that have jurisdiction over Laguna Woods Village.

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