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Laguna Woods Village Clubs and Organizations
Photo by Sunshine Lutey

In addition to the activties offered through the Recreation Division, more than 200 clubs, special interest groups and organizations offer residents a wealth of fun and entertainment.

For general club information, please call Recreation at (949) 597-4273.  Club contact information is private and distributed to Laguna Woods Village residents only.

Please click on the appropriate selection below to learn more about the clubs that maintain and post club information, meeting dates, special activities and events on the community website.

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The information, opinions and all other content on Club webpages are solely the responsibility of the particular Club. Neither GRF nor the managing agent is responsible for the accuracy or content of information on Club webpages, and all responsibility therefore is hereby denied.

All statements, actions and failures to act by any Club or Club member shall be the sole responsibility of that Club and its members. GRF does not endorse, approve or authorize such conduct, and expressly disclaims all responsibility and liability therefore, without exception.