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What's Up in the Village

Sat, Jul/08/2017

  Refer a Friend, Get a Reward

Do you have a talented friend or family member that would make a great addition to the Village Management Services team? With the unemployment rate so low in South Orange County, a referral award is being offered to member owners of Laguna Woods Village to help stimulate recruitment of quality full-time personnel. To refer a potential employee, return a completed referral form along with a copy of the prospective candidate’s resume, application, or both, to Human Resources at the Laguna Woods Village Community Center.

Click here for a current list of job openings, job application, the referral form, and instructions.

Plan-A-Ride is Fast, Efficient and Fun!


Village Transportation is pleased to announce that beginning Sunday, September 3, bus services on Sundays and holidays will be via our Plan-A-Ride program. This is a demand response program where residents schedule their trip with the Transportation Department the day before the trip. The day of the trip, VMS staff picks you up and takes you to your destination and back home at the time specified. The Sunday Plan-A-Ride will run from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Easy Rider bus program (8 daily fixed routes) will not operate on Sundays and Holidays after September 3, 2017. This new service will better accommodate the residents attending religious activities or other Sunday destinations along the regular routes without all the wait time. The Sunday Plan-A-Ride Reservation Hotline is 949-268-2590. Reservations may be made at any time before your requested trip, but no later than midnight the day before. When reserving a ride, please make sure to provide all the information requested on the call instructions so we can schedule your trip and contact you to confirm your reservation.

Less Red, More Parking Coming to Third Mutual


Third Mutual is "Bettering the Community" as they continue their red curb removal campaign beginning August 21. The Board approved the removal of red curbs by sand blasting throughout Third Mutual, which will free up over 700 parking spaces. This approach is more affordable and more aesthetically pleasing than converting grass to parking spaces, which would cost about $7,000 per space. Work begins in the Gate 5 and 6 area.

Check Your Inbox: A Survey is Coming

Laguna Woods Village is considering implementing a Handyman Service for its residents. The service would help residents with everyday repairs and other services not covered by monthly assessments. The survey will assess the demand for a Village handyman service. Be on the lookout for a survey next week.

Technology and Television Upgrades in the Village: Town Hall

On August 17, Information Services Director Chuck Holland and Village Television Manager Paul Ortiz will present information on current projects that will have a positive impact on the community.  Mr. Holland will be covering technology projects such as high speed internet, fiber optic network and satellite technology.  Mr. Ortiz will brief those in attendance on HD TV transmission, Village Television studio set design and upcoming cable TV programming changes and in home services such as Whole-home-DVR.

Join us Thursday, August 17 at 4:30 p.m. in the Community Center Board Room.

Come listen and ask questions! The GRF board wants to know what residents like and dislike about the current technology initiatives and what would most benefit the residents of the community.

Upcoming Village Board and Committee Meetings

The week of August 14, Third holds its regular Board meeting; Mutual Fifty holds its Board Meeting; and more. Click here to download full agenda packets of Board and Committee meetings and to view all upcoming meetings.

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