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Electric Vehicle Owners: Avoid an Overloaded Circuit, Take These Steps

Congratulations on owning an electric vehicle! Laguna Woods Village strives to be a green community, and supports your decision to reduce your vehicle’s carbon footprint.

Below are recommended guidelines for electric vehicle charging, so that everyone can share the electricity without interruption:

1. Golf carts generally charge during daylight hours. Therefore, electric cars should limit their charging time to between dusk and dawn. Refer to your manufacturer’s vehicle manual for specifics on how to set the appropriate charging times.

2. It is important for you to limit the amount of electricity you draw during charging. We recommend you reduce the current draw to no more than eight amps. By doing so, this should allow two electric cars to charge simultaneously. In the event additional cars plug into your circuit, all electric cars should reduce their current amperage draw to five amps or less.

In Laguna Woods Village, there are a limited number of circuits available, so we highly encourage sharing. When too many vehicles charge at the same time, whether golf carts and/or electric cars, the circuit breakers can be overloaded, disabling charging capability for all vehicles in a bank of carports.

In order to avoid this, please communicate with your neighbors to coordinate ways to stagger charging. This is also a great way to meet your neighbors.

Electric vehicle owners must obtain a decal from Resident Services for an annual cost of $240 before charging. A decal on your electric vehicle must be in sight in order to avoid any Notice of Violation or fine.

Please call us at Resident Services at  949-597-4600 if you have any questions.

Composed: 01/20/2017 | Modified: 01/20/2017