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Filming, Photography, and Audio Recording Inquiries

Filming, Photography, and Audio Recording Inquiries

Laguna Woods Village is a private gated community, and the residents expect a certain level of security, freedom to use their facilities without interruption, and personal privacy in their homes. Approval must be obtained for all filming, recording or photography that takes place within the private community.

GRF and the homeowner associations require Board approval for all photography, film, or other recorded projects. The Board approval process takes approximately six weeks. GRF has the right to deny any request for photography, film, or other recorded projects.

This policy does not apply to media coverage of “breaking” news items covered by media such as newspapers or television; nor does this policy address requests made by residents personally for news media access to the community.

Any individual or group requesting to photograph, film, or otherwise record any community facility, activity and/or individual using the GRF facility, and/or any of the scheduled Saddleback College Emeritus classes, must submit a request by e-mail to the Public Affairs Specialist (  The written request should include the purpose, an explanation of how/where the photographs and/or videos will be used, and the name of the business or organization making the request.

An Entry License Agreement must be executed between the requester and the Golden Rain Foundation (or its authorized management agent) before access into the community is granted.

While in the community, the requester will be accompanied by a representative at all times. All persons filmed, photographed, or recorded in the community are required to sign a GRF Release Agreement.

Please contact Heather Rasmussen, Senior Public Affairs Specialist, at 949-268-2292 or for more information.

Composed: 03/24/2005 | Modified: 04/15/2015

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